Online Construction Collaboration

Accelerating construction projects with less risk

the-project is an online construction collaboration tool that allows project construction teams to have greater control and management over the flow of information.

Providing an controlled and standardised environment that is easy to use, Construction teams such as clients, suppliers and contractors, architects, project managers, quantity surveyors and engineers can share up to date construction information with workflow, revision control and compliant auditing. 

the-project is extremely flexible, with customisable fields with 24/7 world wide access to information. Fast, reliable and user friendly the-project enables a team to acclerate delivery of construction projects reducing cost, time and risk.

Developed in house in 1998, the-project has evolved and helped to shape construction methodologies. 

If you would like a free demonstration then contact the team on 01924 925400 or email us via the contact form.


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